Participation and regulation

Who has the right to participate:

  • Journalists,
  • editors,
  • reporters of print media,
  • radio and TV,
  • internet and press agencies,
  • photographers, with a valid press card of their country, national association or upon presentation of an imprint or confirmation of employing agency.

Registrations before 28th September 2016 will receive a free starter pack. Registrations are possible after this date until the day before the respective race (NO free starter pack). Participation for all 4 races is free of charge!

Racing Categories

The World Press Cycling Championship is an official world championship adhering to the rules and guidelines of the UCI and Greek Cycling Federation.

Assessment will be carried out in three categories for men and one category for women on the basis of four competitions.

  • Men M1: from age 21 to 44 (1995 -1972)
  • Men M2: from age 45 to 59 (1971 -1957)
  • Men M3: from age 60 and older (1956)

        W: Women

NEW: In addition for 2016 event, the WPCC committee in collaboration of the organizers decided to add a Team Time Trial, TTT 25km long with 3 participants per team from the same country or from the same editorial.

Below the specific regulations for the TTT:

1. Distance Max 20-25 km almost flat

2. The time from the 2nd rider is crucial

3. All 3 riders of each team must reach the finish line

4. Admitted are only teams from a country or editor company

5. Editorial teams from different countries such as Eurosport or Procycling are possible

6. Each country may register several teams

7. Meax teams: Male & Females are possible

8.  Provided is only one age group limit / no limit from 21 years old

9. The 3 riders of each team, must start in the same jersey national or company

10. The three riders of the winning team will each recieve gold medals (UCI) + WPCC Championship jerseys (Bioracer) + each a chic clock (Festina)

11. Each three rider of the teams ranked second or third place get respectively silver or bronze medals (UCI)

Race Restrictions

All cycling races of the World Press Cycling Championship must be with normal bikes and equipment. You are not allowed to use the following:

  • ITT Bike
  • Aerodynamic wheels
  • Aerodynamic helmet
  • Aerodynamic bars
  • The wheels must be the normal road bike wheels


The organizers in collaboration with Greek police, Red Cross, Volunteers, Moto experienced volunteers under the Race director in experience from UWCT events will guarantee a well secure courses.